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Posted on Mar 4, 2013 in Guest Post

League: Hake’s shopping spree

I have been thinking about throwing my hat in the League Challenge arena for some time but the reward this week is to good to pass up.

Even if there was no prize it is always fun to think about your collection if money is no object. When Brian presented this week’s challenge, it got me thinking about focusing on one property. In my collection I have one shelf for Star Wars one for G.I. Joe and so on. So what would go on my empty shelf? I never had Dino Riders as a kid but I loved the look and the fact some of the larger dinos had a motorized walking feature. Hake’s has plenty to pick from or in this case I would buy them all.Dino Rider Tyrannosaurus Rex
The Tyrannosaurus Rex is the King of the lizards so he would be the first to buy. Then I would have to buy the good guys large dinosaur and it goes on and on till I bought them all.

I was picturing what kind of shelf would this be, a wall shelf or one on a bookshelf. Would I install special lighting? Would it be behind glass? Then I was thinking how I was going to set up a great scene. It hit me they were all mint in the box. I’m an open my toys kind of guy. I don’t want to open the figures because I know I can find them loose and I know other collectors are looking for them in the box. So I started trying to find something else.
I found Brenda Starr Jack KirbyDALE MESSICK “BRENDA STARR, REPORTER” 1941 SUNDAY PAGE ORIGINAL ART. Brenda Star was a bit before my time but I know my mother loved reading her strip. One time at a show I found a Katy Keene comic, framed it, and gave it to her. She loved it. This original page would be another great gift for her. Oh, and because I laugh at dollar amounts, throw in that Jack Kirby Fantastic Four cover.

You can find all the items I talked about and more at Hake’s